Sisdir is becoming part of Userbus!

Check out the Userbus website 👉

What is Userbus?

Userbus is a K–12 integration platform a lot like Sisdir. In fact, they were both created by the same person!

Like Sisdir, Userbus can sync FACTS with Active Directory. It can also sync to other destinations.

Unlike Sisdir, Userbus is a hybrid cloud application. It runs partly on your network and partly in the cloud. This lets us provide you with a better upgrade, maintenance, monitoring, and support experience.

What are the advantages of Userbus?

  • More sync destinations: Userbus can sync to Apple School Manager, Remind, Rank One, IncidentIQ, Follett Destiny, and more. Plus, it can sync CSV files to SFTP servers on a schedule.
  • No certificate infrastructure: Unlike other Active Directory sync solutions, Userbus doesn’t need an inbound firewall port, LDAPS, or certificate infrastructure for Active Directory sync.
  • Automatic upgrades and maintenance: Since Userbus is a cloud app, maintenance and upgrades happen automatically.
  • New pricing model: Userbus is less expensive than Sisdir for almost all schools.

What will happen to Sisdir?

As of January 2023, new Sisdir subscriptions are unavailable. Existing subscriptions will continue till the end of their current terms. Sisdir will be supported for existing customers until those subscriptions expire.

Existing customers have the option to migrate to Userbus if they choose. We're contacting customers in phases. Let us know at if you'd a head start!

What's the bottom line?

Userbus has more sync destinations, less maintenance on your end, and a lower price. We hope you’ll love it!